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Golf is one of the world’s favourite sports, played right across the globe with millions of die-hard fans avidly following the progress of top players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy at all the major tournaments held during the year.

Although it may lack the fast-paced adrenaline of fleet-footed field sports like football, golf has a level of skill and expertise all its own which always keeps its audience excited and the bookmakers happy. Most online sportsbooks offer an extensive range of golf betting opportunities for golf fans who like to place a wager on tournaments – whether this is on potential winners or the ranking of top performing golfers.

Golf tends to differ slightly from the usual betting options for other popular sports but figuring out how each type of wager works shouldn’t be much of a hassle for experienced bettors or for novices.

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How do you bet on golf?

There are a few different types of bet that golf fans can go for. Bettors can place money on an individual golfer to win the overall event outright, they can bet that a golfer will end up in the top three, or they can wager that a golfer will finish higher than another player.

Picking an overall winner is the simplest way of betting on a golf tournament – by just predicting the player most likely or most hopeful of winning you can score yourself a nice payout. There’s nothing like the thrill of wagering on a massive outsider to win, and enjoying the payout which follows. Each player will naturally have different odds, assigned by the bookmakers according to their ranking, form and skill at the time of the tournament, for example, a player like Rory McIlroy may be listed as: “Rory McIlroy + 500”, or as as “Rory McIlroy 5/1”, which would would essentially mean that for every £10 you placed on Rory to win, you would receive £50 if he did eventually win the tournament.

Aside from putting money on a winner, there are a few other options available for those who want to bet on golf. They can go for a two or three ball bet, which is basically guessing who will win individual head to head match-ups during each round. This bet is favoured by those who don’t like the risk associated with betting on an outright winner; this way they can just pick a golfer most likely to have the lowest score out of his group.

Choosing a golfer to finish in the top three of the tournament is like putting money on the winner but with lower odds, so therefore a good idea for those adverse to the risky business of putting everything on one golfer. Another option for those looking to bet on golf is a parlay bet, which enables multiple wagers on a single ticket, however the catch being that all the predictions you’ve chosen have to be right for you to claim a payout. Golf also comes with the option of futures betting, so you can predict the result of the entire golfing season rather than just placing individual bets. As you can imagine, the odds for this kind of bet are always fairly high and it’s a long-term commitment. Finally there’s proposition betting, such as predicting whether a golfer wills core a hole-in-one or achieve a record score. These less serious kinds of bets are a good alternative for those placing a bet just for fun.


Where to bet on golf? 

Golf being a sport so widely covered by media and so closely followed by fans inevitably means it’ll have a high number of bettors looking to place a wager on tournaments. Most online sports books cover the big four – The Masters, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship – as well as competitions like the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup and some sites will go further to provide betting on smaller tournaments during the golfing calendar.


Sportbook Reviews


Want to sign up to a sportsbook but not sure which one? For those golf fans looking for a new online bookie to try out, or new customers who don’t know where to start their first golf bets, have a look at our selection of betting sites to find out which suits you best. We’ve looked at bonuses and promotions for new customers, banking methods available, software and features, as well as golf options to give you an overall verdict on each of the sites.



A registered online bookmaker since 2001, NetBet has an extensive and diverse range of sports to bet on, focusing mainly on UK football. It’s user-friendly website has a regularly up-dating live newsfeed of ongoing sporting events.



Has been providing betting services since 2006 within the UK and European markets. It is a particularly good sportsbook match for European bettors with its multiple language option and diverse selections of sports popular in the continent (especially the European football leagues). They have a range of 23 different sporting options to place bets on and a good first deposit bonus for new customers.


William Hill Sports

An old reliable, William Hill is undoubtedly Britain’s most widely recognised bookmaker, providing gambling services to betting customers for over a century. Huge variety of sports and probably the best in-play option you’ll find online, thanks to the site’s comprehensive games coverage and regular live score updates.


888 Sports 

The sportsbook of popular bookmakers, one of the first gambling companies to provide online betting back in 1998.  888 Sports offers a range of sport markets and an excellent variety in betting options, with lots of pre-event markets and “special” one-off bets.



The Matchbook site has been in operation since 2004 and its unique selling point would be commission based system it uses, whereby customers who place bets are charged a small percentage of each bet they play. The site commits itself to low-margin, high volume betting and aims to provide the best quality of value to its customers.



Several generations of the Chandler family have been operating one of Britain most’s successful and trustworthy bookmaking companies for sixty years, providing over half a million customers with betting services. A long and varied list of sports are available to wager on, with good odds and attractive promotions.


Paddy Power 

Ireland’s largest bookmaker, which has been providing betting services since 1988.  Paddy Power’s attitude has always been ‘if something significant is happening somewhere in the world, we’ll offer betting odds’. The sportsbook offers markets on up to 50 different sports, as well as one-off bets on special events.



Unibet is online betting site since 1998, providing a trustworthy and secure platform for 10 million bettors worldwide across 100 countries. Unibet has a wide variety of live streaming sports and customers to the site can view the full up-dated schedule of upcoming events to place their bet on.



Began as BestLineSports back in 2001, and over the last fifteen years it has steadily grown to become one of the leading international online sports books in the world. The BetOnline site appeals to US players in particular as the site has a wide array of betting lines focussed on the big American sports.


Sportsbooks Reviews

You’ll want an online sportsbook with a solid reputation, secure banking and competitive, up-to-date odds. It needs to be fast on payouts, offer some variety of bonus and cover a decent range of sporting markets. While almost all online sportsbooks will initially seem identical to one another – with similar graphics, promotions and bets – a closer inspection will raise a number of differences. Not all sites are equal, after all. Different sites will cater more for certain sports, such as football or tennis, and offer far more betting options for these. You should also look out for in-play betting, which’ll allow you to change or alter your bet whilst the game is running, so you can respond to any unforeseen changes.

Bonuses are important too – while some may appear much more attractive than others, it is a case of working out which one will be better value and provide a bigger return on your deposit. Finding a betting site which accepts the widest variety of banking methods is useful, as it avoiding the ones which slap on extra charges for making transactions. Keeping all of these factors in mind, have a look at our reviews of the top online sportsbooks here at Bet on Golf!